Thursday, April 14, 2016

Domestic Violence Chennai Helpline:- 9884883318

Daniel & Daniel legal team with experts  in Domestic Violence Act based in Chennai. In today’s scenario Domestic Violence Act is a weapon which is used as attack. This leaves innocent people helpless and victims at the hands of wrong people who use this Act to achieve their selfish ends.
We want to reach all the innocent people who are in need of our legal expertise for the Domestic Violence Act. You may be a woman harassed by In Laws, a man who is blackmailed or wrongly framed by his wife, elders – parents who are facing difficulties due to misuse of this Act. If you are the one in need please reach us through our Helpline.
If you are in need just dial this number: 9884883318

What we want to achieve:

We want to provide protection to you & your family.
Creating awareness about the legal rights of the victims of domestic violence.
To provide help to distressed victims who is suffering from harassment by in-laws as well as misuse of the Domestic violence Act.
Moral & legal support

We are providing moral &legal support to the grievances of the people & also sharing experience & provide legal expertise in fighting the cases effectively

To settle their disputes between husband & wife amicably & peacefully.
To solve the problem through the mediator.
To provide counseling facilities.
Conducting studies related to various issues like Domestic Violence, 498A, 125 Cr.P.C., divorce etc
Contact Domestic Violence Chennai Helpline:- 9884883318.

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